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The Sun from Within – A Poem

It was as if we had met before, or known each other from some other moment in time that had yet to become. The light inside of you recognized the light within me. Over time, I’ve watched you grow into the most amazing human… Continue Reading “The Sun from Within – A Poem”

A Pathway of Stars – A Poem

* This poem is for Christine, the brightest Star I know. 🙂   There is a glow within you and it emanates from you in subtle waves that flow like the ocean. You don’t merely walk upon the ground, for you know that every… Continue Reading “A Pathway of Stars – A Poem”

Brighter Than The Sun – A Poem

Our love grows like a tree. It bloomed from a seed that was planted the moment I first saw you. The tree grew, watered by that love, helped it thrive. Every time you told me that you loved me, a branch grew. Each time… Continue Reading “Brighter Than The Sun – A Poem”

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