The River, The Ocean – A Poem

I stand in front of a wall.

It shifts and moves in front of me

and I look at the shapes

that are within the colours.

I take in its shifting and morphing flow,

mesmerised by what is before me.

There are faces contained by the water,

skylines and waterways,

dreams that have laid forgotten

waiting to come to the surface once more.

I can hear voices whispering to me,

snippets of song and rhymes

that I used to know.

Reaching out,

I touch the wall and realize

that it is not stone in front of me

but a wall of water.

It moves with life and with purpose,

deeper than I can possibly know

and just as infinite.

I close my eyes to hear the sound

of the water more clearly.

Instead of darkness,

I can see the water as it moves

and splashes into the empty crevices,

filling up the shadow with blue.

There is an intense calm inside me

and I watch from within

as the colour of the water darkens.

It takes me deeper inside myself,

urging me not to be afraid.

I open my eyes and look at the wall

of what I now know is water.

Removing my hand,

I watch as ripples form in the surface

and I can feel the same ripples

as they move within me.

I stare at the wall in front of me,

realizing that I am being given a view

into the depths of my emotions,

the spaces that they can fill up,

filled with both light and shadow.

I wonder if I took a boat and sailed

upon those waters,

so blue and so deep,

where would they lead me?

I stare entranced at a portal

that shows my internal landscape.

I watch as a small boat does appear

as if I wished it there.

I close my eyes to watch

as it embarks on a journey

of discovery,

and I wonder what

it will find.

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