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Dear 2022 – My Hermit Year

Dear 2022. My new years resolution for 2022 was to be kinder to myself. I took a roundabout way of getting there in the end. In October of 2021, I did my first round of mavenclad to combat my multiple sclerosis. It’s a chemo… Continue Reading “Dear 2022 – My Hermit Year”

Gallery of the Mind – A Poem

I’m sitting on a marble bench and the headset I’m wearing brings a voice into my head. Its tones are familiar, the timber of its words feeling like a caress. “If you turn to look at the canvas on your left, you’ll notice the… Continue Reading “Gallery of the Mind – A Poem”

The River, The Ocean – A Poem

I stand in front of a wall. It shifts and moves in front of me and I look at the shapes that are within the colours. I take in its shifting and morphing flow, mesmerised by what is before me. There are faces contained… Continue Reading “The River, The Ocean – A Poem”

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