The Next Chapter – A Poem

We have turned the page

and a new chapter is before us.

Looking back through our book

that we have written together,

the pages whisper

as they slide through my fingers.

There is the sound of laughter

and of our voices raised in joy.

The new chapter is blank,

nothing written on the page

except the chapter heading.

As I flip back through our book,

I marvel that so much time has passed

when it feels like only a year has gone by.

I stop at certain moments

so that I can relive them again:

when I saw you for the first time

and you were bathed in light.

The first time that we kissed,

and it was as if I had finally learned to fly.

That moment when you told me

you loved me and I told you the same

and it was like I discovered actual magic.

The moment when we joined our hearts

to beat forever as one and it was like

I had found the other half of me

that I hadn’t known was missing.

I look at the blank pages ahead of us,

the stories we have yet to live,

the moments that will fill these pages,

memories that we will make together,

adventures that we have yet to live.

I look forward to all of this with you.

My life changed the day I met you

and it continues to change every day,

filled with so much light and life

that I hardly recognize it as my own.

I am in awe of you every day

and I can’t wait to fill the pages

of several books with you

with the words we have yet to write.

I can’t wait to see

what the next chapter brings.  

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