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what other things? – a poem

carry that tarnished piece of metal, the penny which contained a wish. a piece of paper with the words “…love is…” written upon it, kept like a spell hidden inside a book. the book itself, a talisman against the mundane, its stories read so… Continue Reading “what other things? – a poem”

The Next Chapter – A Poem

We have turned the page and a new chapter is before us. Looking back through our book that we have written together, the pages whisper as they slide through my fingers. There is the sound of laughter and of our voices raised in joy.… Continue Reading “The Next Chapter – A Poem”

The Best Books of 2015

It’s that time again! Here’s my top ten list of the books I loved from 2015. To be eligible, a book has to have been published during that year. I’ve read upwards of 80 books this year, so picking from that list if always… Continue Reading “The Best Books of 2015”

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