Love Grows – A Poem

When I was young,

I used to dream

of what love could be.

In these dreams,

I would be with a man

who loved me completely.

We would do simple things

but everything we did together

would be a celebration.

Over time,

these dreams took on

an almost lucid quality,

as if they had stopped

being reality and had become

unreality instead.

When we found each other,

it seemed impossible

that I had found the love

I dreamed about

for so long.

I looked at the photo within me,

of this love that I had dreamed about,

and found it lacking when I looked at you.

I kept waiting for the other shoe,

for the floor to drop out

from beneath me

and for the world to tell me

that it had all been

some kind of joke.

When this didn’t happen

and I realized that I was worthy

of the love that you gave me,

that there was no other shoe

and the floor would remain in place,

my heart began to grow.

Over the years

that we’ve grown together,

so has our love grown.

I have fallen more in love with you

every single day.

I didn’t think it was possible

to love someone

as much as I love you

or that it was possible

to love someone this much.

When I think of you,

I can see only light

and feel the comfort

of your hand within mine.

There are some days

when I pull out that old photo

and look at it.

It has lost all of its colour

and is grainy in black and white.

When I look at you,

I see the colour that the picture is missing

and the love between us

that continues to grow.

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