Love in Cartoon Motion – A Poem

Years ago,

I dreamed of love.

It filled my mind,

my hopes and my dreams.

I carried this dream

within me for so long

that the picture had become

all shiny and full of light.

It became what I measured

every love against.

Over time,

I would live within my mind,

watching the cartoon that I had created

as it moved and became

even more shiny and unattainable

as the two men within this cartoon

lived and breathed a love

that I could never have.

When I first met you,

all I saw was the light

that surrounded you.

I stared into your eyes

and saw a safe haven within them.

The cartoon couple within me

looked at you with

an expression of awe.

One wiggled his eyebrows

and the other smiled,

clasping his hands together with joy.

I paid them no mind

but as I listened to you speak

and was lulled by the timbre

of your beautiful voice,

the cartoon men within me

began to change.


they began to take on different looks,

different mannerisms and I would

watch them trying to find their way together

even as they continued to change shape,

the colour of their hair

or the shape or their eyes.


I realized that the cartoon couple

that had lived inside of my head

for so long had become us.


I am finally living the cartoon dream

that had filled my head for so long.

I’m living every moment and wondering

if anyone is looking within themselves

and seeing us as the cartoon.

So deep is my love for you

that when I look inside myself now,

all I see is your love for me

and the light that you

bring to my life.

When I look inside myself,

all I see is you and the light

that you create

in me.

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