When I Think of You – Now in Paperback!

I’m super thrilled! The paperback edition of my National Best Seller When I Think of You is now available!

Here’s a bit about the book:

There is something about capturing the longing of the human heart within words.

When Jamieson Wolf first met the man who would become his husband, he began to write him love poems. Over the next six years, he penned more and more of them trying to find a way to describe how he felt about the love that was blooming between them. Follow along on their journey.

These poems contain joy and light, wonder and healing. Ultimately, this volume of poems confirms a couple of Jamieson’s beliefs: that love can heal all kinds of wounds and that magic is very real.

Get your paperback copy here:

You can also get your copy in ebook while it’s still on sale! The ebook is $0.99 right now, but as of February 15th 2020, it goes up to the full price of $3.99! Get it while it’s on sale! You can find the ebook copy here:

I hope you enjoy the book and Feel the Love!

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