Giving Me the Stars – A Poem

When I was younger

and I believed

in the power of wishes,

I would wish upon the stars.

I wished for a man who was kind,

a man who would look at me

and love all that I was,

all that I could be. 

It got to the point

where all the stars

that I could see in the sky

had been wished upon by me,

all except one star,

one final light

shining brightly in the sky.

Before I met you,

I felt the urge to make one last wish,

giving up a piece of my magic

to the stars.

I looked into the sky

and wished for you.

I had no idea who you would be,

only that you didn’t exist

and I had wasted my last wish

on a hope and a dream.

Then my world changed

when you appeared in my life,

almost as if you were a star

that had fallen to the ground.

When I first met you,

I could have sworn

that you were made of light.

You grow brighter and more brilliant

with every day that passes.

You continue to inspire me

to be a better version of myself.

Now, when I look upwards to the sky,

I can see every wish that I have ever made.

They form a pathway that stretches

across the whole sky.

I am forever thankful that the path

has led me to you.

You have given me the stars,

each one a piece of magic

that I thought to be lost.

Now, when I look up at the stars,

I can only see the magic of possibilities

and what tomorrow

will bring.

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