Thin Places – The Ottawan Anthology

I’m so thrilled! Thin Places, an anthology from Broken Keys Publishing, is out now! Here’s a little bit about the book:

Fourteen authors, fifteen short stories, one poem, local publisher (and Winner of the 2020 Faces of Ottawa, Favourite Publisher), local editor, and our very own Codi Jeffreys penning its foreword!

All with underlying themes of parallel universes or alternative realities.

Ottawa, are you ready to see what incredible literary richness this awesome city has to offer?!

Originally planned to be released late spring/early summer, unfortunately due to the Covid-19 outbreak, its print edition must be delayed (but don’t you fret! It is most definitely still in the works!)

But for the short term, an ebook will be made available! (What better time to catch up on your reading now that we’re all stuck in our homes!)

My story in the anthology is Finders Keepers. I can’t wait for all of you to read it! You can get your copy here: That like will take you to everywhere you can buy the ebook.

I hope you enjoy it. All the writing in this anthology is amazing.

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