Word Jewels – A Poem

Even now,

I have difficulty finding the words,

the right syllables,

to tell you how much I love you.

After all these years,

I find myself at a loss to tell you what you mean to me.

It still feels like a month has passed rather than six years.

Taking my words,

the sounds that my mouth can shape,

I release them.

They float in the air in front of me,

like bright jewels that contain sunlight.

I let out a soft breath,

and watch as they make their way over to you.

They land gently in the palm of your hand.

As they pop open,

they release the words into the air,

the sound of my voice sings out loud and clear,

each jewel holding a word:






that’s still not enough.

I release more words,

more shining jewels,

and send them softly over to you.

When these land in the palm of your hand,

they release phrases:

You are a cool breeze when I am warm.

You are a warm fire when I am cold.

You are the rain when I am thirsty.

You are the sun when I can see only shadows.

You are the stars that help me find my way when I am lost.


these ones are better.

They come closer to describing my feelings for you,

the emotions that you stir in me.

They aren’t perfect and though the words come close,

almost capturing the depth of my love for you,

these words will have to do for now for they are all that I have.

I can only give you my heart,

containing all the words I have,

and hope they are enough.

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