The Ghost Mirror – In Paperback!

Me in 2021 with The Ghost Mirror in Paperback

It feels truly wonderful to be holding The Ghost Mirror again. It feels almost like the first time all over again. It feels kind of surreal.

When the book was first published way back in 2007, I was married to a different man and I was a different person. Fourteen years can tend to change a person. I certainly don’t recognize myself when I look at pictures of myself during that time. The one thing that I do recognize is my book.

The book began in an odd sort of way. I talk a little bit about this in the forward of the novella. I was out of work and had nothing to do except look for a job and wait for a phone call. My step father Mark knew of my love of writing and told me that I should try writing a novel.

“I’ve only ever written short stories and poems.” I told him.

“So now is the moment to try.” He said. “What do you have now but time? Do you have any ideas? Anything that you would like to try and write?”

“Well, I do have this one idea…” The idea of the last Witch had been rolling around in my head for a long time. A poem seemed far too sparse and a short story didn’t seem like it would offer enough space to tell the tale.

“Write it then.” He said. “When you’re done writing it, you’ll get a job. Just wait and see.”

 So I did. I don’t recall how long it took me to write the first draft of The Ghost Mirror. I’m pretty sure that it took me a couple of weeks. About half an hour after I typed the words The End, I got a call for a new position. For that reason, I firmly believe that the magic in The Ghost Mirror if real.

I finally got my paperbacks today and holding them is another kind of wonderful. You can get your copy of The Ghost Mirror here:




I’m so glad that I made the choice to republish The Ghost Mirror. Now the magic is real again.

Me in 2007 with the first copy of The Ghost Mirror

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