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Dear 2021

It hasn’t been an easy year. That’s an understatement for sure. The world has been full of so much fear and hate. The unknown has reared its ugly head and to combat that, I’ve tried to sparkle through it all. It hasn’t always been… Continue Reading “Dear 2021”

The Ghost Mirror – In Paperback!

It feels truly wonderful to be holding The Ghost Mirror again. It feels almost like the first time all over again. It feels kind of surreal. When the book was first published way back in 2007, I was married to a different man and… Continue Reading “The Ghost Mirror – In Paperback!”

The Ghost Mirror – Available Now!

The Ghost Mirror lives again! When eTreasures Publishing closed its doors in 2019, The Ghost Mirror disappeared. The Ghost Mirror was my first novel, and it was published in 2007 to really good reviews. It has always been one of my favourite stories. It… Continue Reading “The Ghost Mirror – Available Now!”

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