Phoenix Rising – The Art Gallery of Ontario

I am gobsmacked!

Earlier this week, I submitted one of my paintings to the Art Gallery of Ontario. They are running an online exhibit called Portraits of Resilience and they were seeking submissions. The theme behind the piece of artwork was that it had to represent the past year living with Covid in some way.

I submitted one of my pieces. It’s called Phoenix Rising. When the pandemic hit last year, I felt like the world was burning itself down and I wondered how we were going to survive. However, something occurred to me. I know the Phoenix is a mythological bird that sets itself aflame, only to regrow from the ashes of its own fire.

When I painted this, I wanted to convey the fire and the light that could spread out into the world and heal it in some way.

To my surprise, my piece was accepted! You can view it along with the hundreds of other pieces (consisting of paintings, photographs and sculpture and more) here:

There will be select submissions that will be in a curated presentation on-site at the AGO. I can hope for that, but honestly, it’s an honour to have my painting posted with so many other amazing pieces, showing that even though this year has been tough, art has helped heal us and helped us to thrive.

Any kind of art will help heal us, be it painting, sculpture, photograph or the written word. It does so one word or brushstroke at a time.

Sparkle on everyone!

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