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Phoenix Rising – The Art Gallery of Ontario

I am gobsmacked! Earlier this week, I submitted one of my paintings to the Art Gallery of Ontario. They are running an online exhibit called Portraits of Resilience and they were seeking submissions. The theme behind the piece of artwork was that it had… Continue Reading “Phoenix Rising – The Art Gallery of Ontario”

A Year in Art

When I began painting in January of 2019, I had no idea where it would lead. I was just having fun. I’ve always done art in some way and was comfortable using cante and charcoal. I wanted to do something different. So, I started… Continue Reading “A Year in Art”

The Accidental Trees: Mixed Media on Canvass

I didn’t mean to start another triptych. The idea with my newer canvasses was to use ones that I’d already done and reuse them, paint over what is already there to make something different. Carrie, 1Q84 (The only new one in this bunch) and… Continue Reading “The Accidental Trees: Mixed Media on Canvass”

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