The Song We Share – A Poem

You are my wish come true.

Every day I spend with you

is like having my wish granted

all over again.

I wished so long for you

that my heart forgot the wish,

unable to hold on to it any longer

as it went unanswered.

When I met you

my heart rejoiced,

knowing that you were my wish,

that it had finally come true.

When you proposed to me,

the world stood still for a moment,

a bubble in time that shone,

the air filled with music

that had no sound.

Only our hearts could hear that song

and sing it back to each other.

In that moment,

I was filled with light

because of your love for me.

When I said yes,

and we shared a kiss,

that light exploded within me.

Looking back,

it’s hard to believe

that so much time has passed.

Every moment has

been filled with light

and a song that we can hear,

only when we look into

each others eyes.

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