Shadow Love – A Poem

When you are away,

your shadow sleeps with me.

Your spirit is unwilling

to be parted from my own.

My shadow is missing

as it went with you,

to follow you on your voyage.

It holds my heart

just as your shadow

holds your own as it slumbers.

When I wake in the night,

I can see a soft light

coming from your heart

and its glow keeps me warm.

I picture my own heart

sparkling beside you

cradled by my shadow,

chasing away the dark

that holds the bad dreams.

There are moments during the night

when I look over at where you normally sleep

and it is as if you are there.

During these moments,

your shadow covers me like a blanket,

so that you don’t feel so far away.

I know that my other self,

the shadow side of me,

is holding you close.

Though we are apart,

we are together

through the glow of

our hearts.

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