One Thousand Wishes – A Poem

I didn’t believe magic was real until I met you.

I had been wishing for so long

that the sky above my home

was filled with thousands of stars,

each of them a wish I had made.

They were all the same wish:

I wanted a man who would love all of me,

one who would see me,

when I couldn’t see myself.

Over time, I began to wonder

if the wish would ever come true,

but still I hoped, still I yearned.

I began to lose my faith in magic,

in the power of a wish.

As more time passed,

I stopped believing in magic,

and the stars that shone in the sky above me

reminded me of all the years that I had hoped

and that hope had gone unheeded.

The stars would take to following me,

flowing through the sky like water

as I went about my day,

always shining down upon me,

trying to get me to believe again.

When we met,

the stars began to hum in excitement.

While we talked,

the stars began to shine a little brighter.

Later, when we kissed,

the stars began to hum.

When we went outside and stood under them,

the stars danced for us,

filling the sky with brilliant light.

It was at that moment that I realized something,

magic takes time.

I’d like to think it was the strength of my wish which

brought you to me, that the stars had been searching for you

for all this time and when they saw you,

they wrapped themselves around you and

gently pushed us together.

I got my wish when you came into my life.

You taught me to believe.

in magic again and that belief is reaffirmed

every time I look

into your eyes.

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