Mollyhouse Issue 3 – Out Now!

I had the honour of having one of my poems included in the new issue of Mollyhouse.

It’s an online magazine of poetry and prose and I’m so happy to have had my poem included. Here’s a bit about Mollyhouse Issue 3:

This third issue of Mollyhouse features poetry and prose by writers who are not from this group: white hearing able-bodied heterosexual cisgender men. The issue is edited by Raymond Luczak.

This third issue of Mollyhouse features artwork by Aleatha Lindsay as well as poetry and prose by Ken Anderson | Mark Bromberg | Brad Buchanan | Jackie Chou | David Cummer | Beau Denton | Francis Goodman | Cait Gordon | Randall Ivey | J. Ivanel Johnson | Lilah Katcher | Travis Chi Wing Lau | Van Ethan Levy | Stephen Lightbown | Cali Linfor | A’Ja Lyons | Mary McGinnis | Daniel Edward Moore | Maurice Moore | Cath Nichols | Naomi Ortiz | Felice Picano | Steven Riel | Gregg Shapiro | Karl Sherlock | Nicole Taylor | Antonio Vallone | Patricia Walsh | Mark Ward | Jamieson Wolf | Kathi Wolfe | Dan Yorty. This issue is edited by Raymond Luczak.

My poem is called The Red Thread and it’s easy to find, it’s the last piece in the magazine before the author bios!

The best part? You can read it for free!

Download your copy here:

My poem is the last one before the author bios. I truly hope you enjoy all of the words in Mollyhouse Issue 3!

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