You Are Light – A Poem

* For my Wonder Mom In Law on her Birthday. ❤

You are a bright candle.

Your light fills up the room

and brightens the lives

of those that surround you.

Your light chases away the shadows

and illuminates the night.

The light that comes from you

makes stars come alive in envy,

for they could never shine

as brightly as you do.

You’ve shown me a world of kindness,

as you’ve shown all the others in your life.

Though there are times

where darkness and shadow reign,

your light helps those around you

shine brightly just like you.

It takes strength to shine

in the face of shadows

and our lives are made better

because of your presence.

You are a bright candle

that fills up our lives

with light and love

and I am so thankful for you.

Thank you for shining

so brightly.

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