Memory Jewels – A Poem

The breeze ripples the water.

Even when it is still,

I know that it is in constant motion.

There is movement where I can’t see.

When the tide comes in,

twigs and leaves

ride upon its surface.

I can hear geese crying in the distance.

Watching the water,

the tide begins to lower once more,

taking treasures in its wake.

The trees whisper on the wind

of secrets keptfor hundreds of years.

I just don’t know the language

to understand it.

I listen to the buzz of the hummingbird

and I make a wish

each time that I see one

in hopes that it will carry my wish

upon its wings when it flies.

I watch the tide come in again

and I sit at the waters edge.

I place the things that I no longer want

into the water. I pull them through my skin

and it is like I am holding jewels

that have grown tarnished with time.

I place them in the water

and they pulse lightly,

though that light has grown dark.

The jewels are full of memories

that have stood the passage of time,

but I no longer want them.

When the tide goes out once more,

I watch those memoires

as they sail away from me.  

They look like stars upon the water

as they head out

to sea.

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