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Beautiful Gift – A Poem

I wanted to get you the most amazing gift, something that would let you know how much I love you, an object that could hold everything that you’ve ever wanted. You are beautiful to me. When I look into your eyes, I see can… Continue Reading “Beautiful Gift – A Poem”

What We Have Grown Together – A Poem

When I think of that day, I remember the sound of leaves. As we walked down the isle that would begin our new life together, I could hear the music of my heart as it beat rapidly in my chest, not out nervousness, but… Continue Reading “What We Have Grown Together – A Poem”

Memory Jewels – A Poem

The breeze ripples the water. Even when it is still, I know that it is in constant motion. There is movement where I can’t see. When the tide comes in, twigs and leaves ride upon its surface. I can hear geese crying in the… Continue Reading “Memory Jewels – A Poem”

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