Artificial Divide – AVAILABLE NOW!

I’m thrilled that Artificial Divide is out now!

It’s an anthology of short stories written by blind and visually impaired authors and each story is told with blind or visually impaired people as the protagonist. It’s a very powerful own voices anthology and I’m so honoured to have a short story included within it.

My short story in the anthology is called The Blood Trees. My multiple sclerosis sometimes causes temporary blindness where things are blurry or unclear. It happens a lot in the evenings when my body is tired or I am suffering from fatigue. I wanted to write about that and also about the depression that I went through when I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The Blood Trees was the result.

Here’s a bit about the anthology:

Step into a world of rogue screen readers, Braille in fantasy worlds, a friend meeting an acquaintance after several years, and more.

This #OwnVoices anthology features fiction by Blind and visually impaired authors showing readers how they thrive, hurt, get revenge, outsmart bullies, or go on epic adventures. Artificial Divide is an own-voices story collection that captures the many layers of Blindness and, for once, puts visually impaired protagonists in the driver’s seat, letting us glimpse their lives.

When we think about it, we’re not really divided.

You can get your copy at all book sellers or find it online at the following places:




Renaissance Press

I hope you enjoy the book and all the wonderful stories contained within.

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