Beyond the Stone – First Review!

I’m beyond excited!

My novel Beyond the Stone got its first review! It’s so gratifying that this reader enjoyed the book so much. It’s so different from anything I’ve tried to write before.

My novels are normally character driven with little focus on the setting or where the novel takes place. Some of my books aren’t even set anywhere and all the focus is on the characters. Beyond the Stone and the rest of the series are set in a world where everything has broken apart and magic has come out in the open.

This is my take on dystopia, a genre that has always interested me. What would happen it a cataclysmic event happened? How would the characters survive? That has always fascinated me and I wondered what my characters would do if put in such a situation. I knew that if I was going to write a dystopian novel, the setting and the world building would have to be like a character in the novel.

I’m so glad that came through for the reviewer. I had such a fabulous time writing Beyond the Stone and I’ve started writing the second book Within the Flame where the story takes us to even darker places within the world I’ve created.

You can find the book here:

Books on Beechwood




Renaissance Press

If you read it, I’d appreciate a review so much!

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