The Minotaur – First Draft DONE!!!

Oh, my goodness. I wrote 2,565 words today and the first draft of my novel The Minotaur is finished. The novel took me eight months to write.

It all started with the first line that popped into my head and wouldn’t leave me alone: “We were friendly with the dark.” As the story took shape in my head, I knew that the novel would be set in a labyrinth and that it would be an allegory on Covid in some way, in that everyone in the labyrinth was together but isolated, under constant threat from the minotaur. I knew that my protagonist was a young girl but other than that, I knew nothing.

I thought the novel would be a novella, that it would be a short little story that would be quick to write so that I could move on to the next story; there is always another story waiting to be written. Yet, somehow, my mind stayed with this story and with Roanne’s journey. I actually took time to plot out this book which is something I don’t normally do. I had to create and visualize the world of the labyrinth. I had to think of the secrets that this labyrinth held and what I wanted to do.

And yet, the ending of the novel came to me early on. As I continued to write, I wondered if I would be able to get there, if I could make the ending work. I’m thrilled to say that after 81,763 words, I arrived at the ending I envisioned so many months ago.

Time to take a breather, step away from the computer and read something wonderful. I will be having a glass of wine in celebration tonight.

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