The Magic of Time Travel – A Poem

I think back

on the moment that we met.

I was a different person then,

unsure of myself and my place

within the world, uncertain

if there would be a spark

when we met, something

that could grow into a flame.

Yet, from the moment

that I looked into your eyes,

I didn’t just find a flame;

instead, I could see the mountains

that we would climb together,

the seas that we would journey

on and the winds that would

stoke the flames within each

of us. I blinked my eyes

and looked into your beautiful face,

finding a home within your gaze.

You are proof that time travel is real;

how else to explain that the eight years

that we have been together

have gone by so quickly?

It still feels like I met you only

a year ago, entering the coffee shop

with nervous anticipation

and finding the other half of myself

when I heard you speak my name.

There are so many more worlds to experience,

mountains to climb, seas to sail across,

each moment of time like a grain of sand

that falls into the hourglass

that we have created together.

When I gaze into your eyes now,

I not only see everything

that we have done, but also

all that we have yet to do.

My life is so much more

than I ever thought it would be

and that is the magic

that we create together.

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