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The Magic of Time Travel – A Poem

I think back on the moment that we met. I was a different person then, unsure of myself and my place within the world, uncertain if there would be a spark when we met, something that could grow into a flame. Yet, from the… Continue Reading “The Magic of Time Travel – A Poem”

I Let You Go – A Poem

I met him in the dark. He still looked the same, caught in time, forever thirty-five years old. He looked up at me, a half smile on his face. “You came,” he said. “You remembered me. You didn’t forget.” I looked down at him.… Continue Reading “I Let You Go – A Poem”

Waterfall/Mind/Garden – A Poem

I am within the garden. Strolling around my mind, I take in everything that has been planted there. Every leaf, tree and flower planted by my hand. If I listen, I can hear voices travelling on the wind. I go towards the sound stopping… Continue Reading “Waterfall/Mind/Garden – A Poem”

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