Real Magic in Bloom – A Poem

I believe in magic because of you.

In the time that we’ve known each other,

you’ve proven to me countless times

that magic is a real, tangible thing,

something that is alive around me

whenever I’m with you.

You’ve helped me to realize

I have magic within myself,

a light that I can control and harness,

should I need to call upon it.

You’ve given me magic time and time again,

each time reaching out to me

and placing what looks like a wish in my palm.

I watch it grow and bloom,

a flower of endless beauty,

until it makes itself known.

You’ve given me what I thought

to be impossible and I’m in awe

of we have together,

what grows between us even now.

I love you more than words can say,

but still I try, laying down each word

as if it were a seed so that when they grow,

we would be surrounded by the love

that we have created together.

You’ve proven to me that magic

is real and whenever I look at you,

I believe that anything

is possible.

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