Stream of Consciousness – A Poem

There is a trickle of water

where there was once a stream.

I let the water run over my fingers

and it is warm to the touch.

I know that it comes from a place of light,

where seeds have bloomed into flowers,

ideas have grown into worlds.

I look down at the water.

There are words floating within it.

I can spot the words hope, wish and dream

swirling around and as the letters

run over my fingers,

they warp as if being washed into me.

As I watch the water,

I can see a random gathering of letters

slide towards the palm of my hand and I can feel

the hard consonants and the soft vowels

run along my skin.

They feel like the caress of a lover,

or someone from my past

that I’ve forgotten,

their memory becoming lost in the fog.

I wait for the words to arrange themselves.


I let the water in my hand

flow back into the stream.

Standing, I walk away,

leaving a whisper of words

behind me.

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