When Two Hearts Meet – A Poem

When we met,

I wasn’t expecting to fall in love.

When I heard you speak my name,

I turned to see you for the first time

and my world shifted around me,

though I had no way of knowing it

at the time.

When we met,

I wasn’t looking for someone to complete me.

What I wanted was someone that I could talk to

and whose eyes I could lose myself in.

Thankfully, your eyes were like the calm sea,

filled with blue green water that brought

me peace.

When we met,

I didn’t think I would be able to open my heart to you,

having been hurt so many times. And yet,

I didn’t want our time together to end.

I could have listened to you forever.

Slowly, the sound of your voice broke down the wall.

When we met,

I was afraid of opening the cage that I had put around myself.

It was safer that way and I had less chance of getting hurt.

However, the first time that you took my hand,

and entwined your fingers with mine,

you found the key that helped to open the cage.

When we met,

I had no way of knowing that I had just met

the man who would become my best friend, lover and husband.

I only knew that I wanted to know all of you.

Nine years later, we are still on the journey

of knowing each other.

When we met,

I finally believed that wishes

do come true.

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