I Will Dream of You – A Poem

When you are away from me,

I lay down in the dark

and imagine stars appearing above me.

The same sky covers you like a blanket,

keeping you safe while you are far

and I know that you see the same stars

that I can see, even if they are

inside of my imagination.

I raise my hand to the black velvet sky

and I draw a line between the stars

so that I can form word for you.

Words like: *joy* and *heart* and *love*

I keep tracing words in the stars,

hoping that you will see them and think of me:

*husband* and *lover* and *best friend*

I don’t know how long I lay there

drawing in the sky with my fingers,

but I begin to hear my heartbeat

and I know that you can hear it, too.

I lay there and I am missing you,

but I know that you are with me

because we share a heart.

I gave you half of mine

and you gave me half or yours.

Even if you can’t see the words

that I’ve written in the stars,

I hope you can feel their light

shining down upon you.

I lay there still and just as I’m about

to let the sweet embrace of sleep claim me,

the stars above my head grow brighter,

just for a moment.

I blink my eyes and

when I can see clearly,

I turn my eyes back to the stars

and see four words written in the stars

that was not written by me:

*I* *will* *dream* *of* *you*

Letting sleep take me,

my sadness fades away

because I know that I will see you

in my dreams.

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