What We Have Grown Together – A Poem

When I think of that day,

I remember the sound of leaves.

As we walked down the isle

that would begin our new life together,

I could hear the music of my heart

as it beat rapidly in my chest,

not out nervousness, but excitement.

When I looked at you,

I remember thinking:

‘I wished for you. You are a wish made real’.

When we said our vows,

I felt the rapidness of my heart slow

so that my heart could sing

along with the music of the beautiful leaves.

Out of the corner of my eye,

I could see them dancing,

happy that they we had achieved

this moment of bliss.

I knew then that they were the perfect symbol

of the love that had grown between us.

We had both held on to the possibility of love,

real true love that would fill our hearts.

We had finally found that in each other.

When we kissed, sealing our bond,

the beautiful leaves danced around us

and as they flew out the windows,

they showered light upon everyone there.

Yet, they left us a gift.

Between us, a single seed shone,

filling our hearts with its own magic.

Throughout the past six years,

that seed has grown into something

no body could contain.

When I close my eyes,

I can see the tree that we’ve grown,

its roots and branches stretching between us,

linking us together on this path that began

so many years ago.

The tree is covered with all the leaves

that we have grown together,

each one of them a reminder

that magic is real.

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