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Beyond the Stone – In Audiobook!

I love audiobooks so much! They can connect you to a story in a way that reading it on the page or the e reader can’t. Someone else is telling the story to you and bringing it to life in your imagination. I’ve always… Continue Reading “Beyond the Stone – In Audiobook!”

The Best Books of 2019!

Every year, I post a list of books that stood out from the crowd for me, that drew me in and kept me spellbound. This year, it was so difficult to narrow the list down to only ten books…so I cheated and there are… Continue Reading “The Best Books of 2019!”

Little Yellow Magnet – The Audiobook!

I’m thrilled to announce that my memoir, Little Yellow Magnet, is now available as an audiobook! It’s read by the incredible Tony Armistead and I’m so thrilled with how it all sounds. You can get your copy from Audible by going here: Or… Continue Reading “Little Yellow Magnet – The Audiobook!”

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