Beyond the Stone – In Audiobook!

I love audiobooks so much! They can connect you to a story in a way that reading it on the page or the e reader can’t. Someone else is telling the story to you and bringing it to life in your imagination. I’ve always loved the intimacy of audiobooks, the closeness. Nothing but you, the sound of a reader’s voice and a tale well told.

I was overjoyed when I found out from my wonderful publisher Renaissance Press that Beyond the Stone, the first book in The Clocktower Series, was becoming an audiobook! Better yet, I got to pick the actor. I would be working with them to make sure the book and the characters voices sounded just as I wanted them to.

After going through audition tapes, I chose actor Paul Milando. Even though I knew that I could have chosen a full cast to voice my book, and I’ve loved a few of these productions, I love the idea of one actor taking us on a journey. There’s something even more intimate about just one person telling the tale to you.

I would listen to each chapter as Paul finished them and give him notes on characters voices and how I wanted them to sound, also pronunciation of names, different magical races and character backgrounds. Paul was a total champion and dove right in. It was so wonderful listening to him bring my book to life. Listening to it chapter by chapter, he pulled me along and I was entranced by the story that I’d written as it came alive in my ears.

He truly has done an amazing job and the sad part is that we’re almost done the journey together. Paul sent me chapter 35 today and that means there is one chapter left. That makes me sad that our time together is almost over, but happy because it means that you will be able to hear it soon.

Listening to the novel this way has deepened my knowledge of the world that I’ve built and it will make the four novels to come. Within the Flame: The Clocktower Book Two is done! I finished the first draft a little over a week ago. I’m letting it sit for a while before I tackle it in edits.

Thankfully, we all have Paul’s amazing job with Beyond the Stone to look forward to. I can’t wait for you all to hear it! More news soon on when it becomes available!

One Comment on “Beyond the Stone – In Audiobook!

  1. I love audiobooks, no-one told me stories as a child, I could read by age four so read them by myself. I like the intimacy of one actor reading the story, the trouble is I often listen at night in bed, so they send me to sleep! Lol 😆 ❌❌❌

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