Category: Spirit Poems

Beyond the Page – A Poem

I remember the moment when I first saw you. You looked at me with your head framed by a halo of light as if you were made from the sun. I remember the first time that we kissed. It was dark outside but I… Continue Reading “Beyond the Page – A Poem”

The Empress Among Us – A Poem

* This poem is for Jackie. Happiest of Birthdays!   You create portals in which to see the world more clearly, using colours and paints to depict the impossible and that which dreams are made of. You are the infinite feminine, full of grace… Continue Reading “The Empress Among Us – A Poem”

Of Needles, Pills and Spoons – A Poem

* This poem is dedicated to Cait, who is one of the strongest people I know. 🙂   Every day starts the same. I take my injection and imagine that it is filled with light instead of medication. I look at the clear liquid… Continue Reading “Of Needles, Pills and Spoons – A Poem”

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