The Element of You – A Poem

smallYou are like the air,

carrying with it

the scent of star anise,

always raising me up

so that I can learn to fly.

You are like the earth,

revealing a path forward

when I lose my way,

helping me to find a different way

to where I always wanted to go.

You are like water,

a deep brook running over rocks,

deep and full of life,

its surface like a mirror,

which holds a depth of soul

that knows no bounds.

You are like sweet fire

that burns beyond your body,

and fills you with a courage

that knows no limit.

It chases away the shadows

so that we can truly see you.

There is a fierceness within you,

a courage that knows no bounds

and I am in awe of you.

Surrounding all of this is your spirit.

It shines brighter than the fire

that you carry within you,

then the air that surrounds you

or the grass that sprouts from the ground

with every step you take.

It is more potent than the water

that runs through it all.

It shines bright above all of this,

a gorgeous star that sparkles brightly.

This is your spirit

and we can see it mot clearly

in your eyes or hear it in your voice

when you laugh.

You inspire others to be better people

and our lives are better

for knowing



Spirit Painter – A Poem

This is my third Pay It Forward offering. It’s a poem written for Alicia Marshall. I hope you all enjoy it!

* * *

Art by Alicia Marshall of Alicia Art


As she looks at the canvas

that sits in front of her,

she waits for it to sing.

Running her fingers

over its surface,

she tries to hear it speak.

She knows that each canvas

has its own voice,

speaks its own language,

sings its own song.

She is but the channel

that it arrives through,

she is but the medium

able to see what others cannot.

Within her fingers,

she begins to feel droplets of water.

Letting the water build,

she can hear the thrum and throw of the waves,

even before she puts her brush

to the canvas.

As she starts painting,

water starts to pool around her feet,

lapping at her ankles.

She can hear the wind whispering to her

and feel the breeze upon her face.

There is a call of an unseen bird,

and the sound of the waves

sliding so gently over the sand.

There is the scent of the water

and sand and, somewhere in the distance,

there is the perfume of flowering jasmine.

She paints almost without seeing,

looks without using her eyes.

She paints by spirit memory now,

the light and ocean flowing from her hand

and through her brush.

It fills the canvas until it is overflowing,

full of everything that she

can no long contain.

As the water begins to recede from the room

and her feet have begun to dry,

she can finally see what she has painted.

Looking at the canvas,

now filled to the brim with blue and frothy white,

she sees a spirit within the waves,

a woman that swims with the water

towards the sun.

If she lets her hand hover over the canvas,

she can hear the rush of the water

and the sound of joyous laughter.


The Little Yellow Book Launch!

little-yellow-magnet (1)I had my Little Yellow Book Launch last night!

What a perfect celebration for Little Yellow Magnet. There were tons of people and many books were sold. More than that however, the night was a celebration of love and the power of choosing to live.

I’ve never had a book launch and I’ve written over sixty books, so I really wanted to have one for Little Yellow Magnet. It was an event that was two years in the making. I’m so thrilled that so many people came! Food was had and enjoyed and there was laughter and joy.

The room was silent when I read three chapters from Little Yellow Magnet, one from each part of the memoir. It’s an honour to know that I’ve written something that moves people so much and that connects with them.

Either way, what a joy it was to celebrate my book last night. Thank you to everyone who came and made the event so special. Check out the photos below!

The book is available from Amazon at:

You can also get it on Kobo here:

Autographed copies are also available! Just contact me at Jamiesonwolf at to request one.

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Little Yellow Magnet – Available Now!

little-yellow-magnet (1)

I’m thrilled to announce that Little Yellow Magnet is AVAILABLE NOW! Isn’t that amazing?

Here’s a bit about the book:

Life can change in an instant. Jamieson learns this the hard way.

Waking one morning to find he has little-to-no motor control, Jamieson only wants the world to return to how it had been before. After a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, he thinks his life is over. What he doesn’t know is that it’s only just begun.


Trying to navigate through the world in a body he no longer understands, Jamieson must travel through the dark forest of depression while waging a constant battle against himself. Over time, he learns what he’s truly capable of, and what it actually means to be courageous.


Follow Jamieson as he loses himself…then discovers who he is really meant to be.

You can find Little Yellow Magnet here:

Paperback (Canada):

Kindle (Canada):

Paperback (US):

Kindle (US):


I’m thrilled to be able to share this book with all of you. Stay tuned for more details of upcoming events!

Light Between the Cracks – A Poem

I am outside myself looking inwards.light in hand

There is a storm within me,

one of fire and rain,

spark and water.

Its winds howl inside my skin,

filling my head

with words that make no sense,

but hurt all the same.

I feel droplets of blood,

carved from my flesh by those words,

fall into the whirlwind

of the storm I carry.

The winds crack and chip

at the crystal chalice that holds me together.

There are other things in that storm,

other flotsam and jetsam,

that take bites out of me,

harvesting what I’ve cultivated

in order to survive.

Yet within all that whirling darkness,

inside that wind that presses

at the boundaries of my glass chalice,

there is a light.

That light is but a kernel right now,

a small seed that glows

throughout all the darkness

and the shadows that look spiders’ webs.

As I stand back, looking at myself,

I realize on thing:

The kernel of light shines so brightly,

but I would not see it without the darkness.

I touch the crystal,

and can feel the winds brush

against my hands.

I try to wrap my arms around myself

and hope this will make

the small kernel of light


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