Within the Dark – A Poem

I am finding myself again.

There are pieces of me,

hidden within the dark caverns,

lost among the trees or  

in the cold depths of water.

They blink like jewels that have been

hidden in the dark.

I clutch each jewel to my chest

and feel a moment of joy

as each piece of me is welcomed

back into my body.

Though they carry remnants

of the shadows,

this only helps me see in the dark

so that I can find my way out again.

Each piece of me that I find

is part of the puzzle

that makes me whole.

There are more shards to find,

more pieces of the chalice

to locate until the cup is complete

once more, but I have time now

and a way to see

within the dark.

The Hum of Light – A Poem

There is a light in the forest.

I’m called there in my dreams

and I can see the light

glowing like a star

within the trees.

I try to follow it,

but it avoids me,

zipping deeper and deeper

into the trees

that have taken so much from me.

I follow after it and the light

dances away from me.

I am almost upon it

when I slip around a tree

and see a cave I never noticed before.

 I step into the cave with caution,

knowing what these trees took from me.

Will the cave be more of the same?

My blood already runs from the leaves,

I don’t want to sacrifice myself to stone.

As I step into the cave,

the light disappears,

its job done.

I take a cautions step and more light

begins to shine from within,

welcoming me forwards.

I take another step

and I find myself within a garden

that I have never seen before.

There are flowers here

of ever kind, and some that

I have never seen before.

There is a light coming

from the flowers and they fill the cave,

going beyond what my eye can see

or comprehend. There is a path here,

and I walk upon it, listening

to the hum of the light.

I marvel that the dark forest

could contain so much beauty

within it. Such a thing

does not seem possible,

and yet here I am,

looking at a forest of flowers

and different plants,

each of them blooming from a seed

that was planted during

my darkest time. I know that

as I approach the changes that are coming

on the wind, faster than time can move,

that I will find myself within the forest again.

As much as I try to stay away,

it calls me back in, whispering to me

from within the darkness.

Only, this time it will be different.

I will follow the light

that waits for me at the edge of the forest

and follow it to this cave

until I know the path by heart.

I will walk along the path,

looking at the beauty I have grown

when I was at my lowest.

Looking at the flowers and the plants

within the cave, I wonder

what I will plant now?

I find myself at the centre

of the path and I find a small shoot

growing at the centre of the cave.

It’s a small tree that has been able

to grow up through the soil, it’s branches

shine softly. I sit down gently

on the floor of the cave.

Looking at the tree,

I wonder what fruit it will grow

and how I will grow along

with it.

Stepping Stones – A Poem

For a time,

I was broken,

unable to find

the pieces of myself

that I had lost along the way.

It felt like my body

was crumbling into itself,

unable to find stability

in a world that it

no longer knew.

Over time,

the light was able

to find me within

the dark trees of the forest.

The light led me

to new paths

that I had not tread before.

Gradually, I began to pick up

pieces of rocks, bits of shells

and feathers that glowed like flame.

I didn’t know it at the time,

but these were pieces of me

that I had assumed were missing,

when in reality, they were waiting

to be found. With each step forward,

every shell I picked up, every feather

found on the forest floor,

I regained a part of myself

that hadn’t been missing,

they’d merely been waiting

for me to choose the path

that would lead me to them.

I hadn’t been broken completely.

Instead, I had only needed to

take the steps that would lead me

to myself.

Memory Jewels – A Poem

The breeze ripples the water.

Even when it is still,

I know that it is in constant motion.

There is movement where I can’t see.

When the tide comes in,

twigs and leaves

ride upon its surface.

I can hear geese crying in the distance.

Watching the water,

the tide begins to lower once more,

taking treasures in its wake.

The trees whisper on the wind

of secrets keptfor hundreds of years.

I just don’t know the language

to understand it.

I listen to the buzz of the hummingbird

and I make a wish

each time that I see one

in hopes that it will carry my wish

upon its wings when it flies.

I watch the tide come in again

and I sit at the waters edge.

I place the things that I no longer want

into the water. I pull them through my skin

and it is like I am holding jewels

that have grown tarnished with time.

I place them in the water

and they pulse lightly,

though that light has grown dark.

The jewels are full of memories

that have stood the passage of time,

but I no longer want them.

When the tide goes out once more,

I watch those memoires

as they sail away from me.  

They look like stars upon the water

as they head out

to sea.

The Brightest Star Among Them – A Poem

* For Margaret Hood

When I close my eyes,

I can see you so clearly.

We’re sitting outside

and the light is flickering in the dark.

The air around us is warm

with the scent of food and fire,

strawberries and wine.

There is laughter

that hangs in the air around us,

a remnant from a joke or story

that has been told.

I still see that smile upon your face

and can hear the joy in your voice.

When I close my eyes,

that is how I see you,

caught in that moment of joy.

That you are gone from us

is unfair, someone’s idea of a cruel joke.

When I close my eyes,

you are caught in time

with a smile upon your lips

and laughter in your eyes.

If I blink quickly,

another memory of you

comes into the light.

When we first met,

you held out your arms to me

and wrapped me in a hug.

“I’m so happy you’re part of the family,”

you said to me.

“I’m so happy you found each other.”

You gave me a brilliant smile

and the room was lighter

because of it.

Your presence in our lives

made them more wonderful

than they had been before.

With my eyes open,

I look to the skies to see

if the stars are now shining brighter

because you are among them.

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