The Light of You – A Poem

* This is my fifth Pay It Forward offering. This is a poem I wrote for Shannon Dugas. smaller


When I look into your eyes,

I see the Warrior within you.

She has had to fight many battles

and win many wars.

Some of these have been external,

unseen foes that attack like the wind;

slicing into your skin and leaving scars.

Others have been internal

as you have fought against yourself,

leaving cracks in the chalice

that contains your light.

When I listen to you speak,

I hear the Wise Woman within you.

She shapes your lips, forming syllables

to make words that sound like music.

Those words guide many that need help,

as you are guided and enriched by them.

Your paths intertwining into a tapestry

that spans your whole lifetime.

When I am embraced by you,

I feel the warmth within you.

Though life hasn’t always been easy,

and the path that you have been on,

that you wear upon your skin,

has had many pitfalls or potholes along the way,

you continue to shine.

Even though your chalice has been cracked,

you have persevered and gathered shards

and pieces of glass along the way.

You have used these to repair your chalice,

choosing to heal yourself and to heal others

with the warmth that you exude.

You pulse like a light that shines so brightly

it is brighter than the stars.

You are Warrior and Wise Woman

and a beacon of warm Light

that helps others find their way

in the dark.




I Love… – A Poem

I love the sound of birdsong that wakes me every morning.728845_1320435870876_470_376

I love the sound of water that is travelling over rocks,

or the sound of rain as it falls, whispering into the air.

I love watching my plants bloom, as they grow into themselves

and give me the gift of their beauty.

I love the unapologetic sound of children laughing,

a pure and unfiltered sound that is like music.

I love the smell of coffee in the morning that signals

the beginning of a new day that is full of treasures.

I love the end of a day as I reflect on everything I’ve done

and the dreams I may have on my nighttime journey.

I love the smell of a new book that is full of knowledge

and the scent of an adventure yet to come.

I love the sound of a song that I remember in my heart

because it was with me on significant part of my journey.

I love the feeling of grass underneath my feet.

I love the soft rasp of sand between my toes.

I love finding something so funny that laughter bursts out of me.

I love the emotion that fills me when I hear the words, I love you.

I love watching birds fly along through the sky,

and being left to wonder where their journey will take them.

I love exploring some place new and unknown to me,

whether it be a new country or a place close to home I have never seen before.

I love sharing time with friends and family and the closeness we share.

I love the time spent with my husband, time that can be spent doing nothing,

filled with conversation or the sweet sound of comfortable silence.

I love the scent of cooking or the heady scent of baking as it fills my home.

I love that love can be such a simple thing,

or bigger than the mountains and the oceans.

I love my life and the path that I’m on that has brought me to this very moment.

I love.

We Have Found the Stars – A Poem

Our love is like the stars,stars

brighter than the dark

and impossible to count or contain.

Scattered across the nights sky,

our love tells a journey

and we can follow it across

the gorgeous canvas that is the sky.

That bright star to the right,

the one that is tinted with gold,

that is when we first met

and saw our light reflected

in someone else.

That star, above that one?

The one that burns like a pink diamond?

That is when you told me you loved me

and I told you the same in return.

Not too far away from that star,

another burns with a soft green light.

That is when our separate homes

became one and we began a new part

of our journey across the sky.

We have decorated purple velvet-ness of the sky

with thousands of stars,

each one of them a memory or an emotion.

There is one star the burns brighter

than all the rest put together.

It is the star that sits in the centre of the sky,

with all the other stars and constellations

dancing around it, moving with subtle grace and beauty.

It shines with not just one colour,

but every colour imaginable.

It is the star when we both

gave our hearts to each other,

when we created magic together by saying I do,

and started a new part of our journey.

That star was waiting for so long,

floating patiently in the sky and hoping,

waiting, longing, yearning

to be lit from within.

We have found the stars together

and that is only found once in a lifetime.

How lucky I am to have found the stars with you.

I can’t wait to see what other stars

we will create

as we dance




Lessons From Wonder Mom – A Poem

You taught me to be curious,474568_1

to look at the world around me

and to take in all of its magic.

You taught me to be wise,

to weigh my words before I spoke them

and to use them like my sword.

You taught my to be brave,

to work at conquering the world within me

so that I could take on the world outside.

You taught me to laugh,

to not take life so seriously so that

my laughter filled the air like music.

You taught me to read,

giving me access to a portable kind of magic

and many worlds within which to live.

You taught me to wonder,

to always question everything

until I understood it completely.

You taught me the value of magic,

that even something as simple as a hug

could raise up the spirits of another.

You taught me to love unconditionally,

even though this was the hardest lesson to learn.

Without it, I would not have so much love in my life.

I am who I am today

because of what you taught me.

I can only hope that I’ve done you proud

and that I’ve filled your life with as much wonder

as you’ve filled mine.

Celebrate You – A Poem

Magic desireThis poem is for my Husband Michael for his Birthday. Love you, Babe. xoxoxo


You fill me with joy.

You are a bright light

that reaches into the darkest parts of me

and chases away the shadows.

You are filled with stardust.

When you laugh,

I can see that magic come to life

in everyone around you.

You magic made real.

Every dream I have ever had

has led me to you and the life

that we have together.

You are everything good.

Your very touch fills me

with a warmth that spreads

to the heart of me.

As we celebrate your day,

I want you to remember

that you are a bright light

in the lives of so many people.

As we commemorate another step forward,

I want you to know that you

are magic made real and

dreams given flesh.

My life has led me to you

and I am so excited

for the year ahead

and the discoveries we will make.

Think of this next year

not as another year older;

think of it as another year

where we get to explore

the lives we celebrate together.

If magic is desire made real,

then you are the candle

to my flame.

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