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Lust and Lemonade – Meet Cordelia!

For the fifth (and final) character interview, we’d like to welcome…ma’am, what are you doing here? This interview is supposed to be with Chuck. Cordelia: I know that, I thought I’d gate crash the party. Why would you just interview the young ones and… Continue Reading “Lust and Lemonade – Meet Cordelia!”

Lust and Lemonade – Meet Mike!

For the fourth of five character interviews, lets welcome Mike to the blog! It’s so nice to have you here, Mike. Mike: Thanks for having me. Pretty spacious blog. And fancy too, I don’t know if I’m dressed well enough. Well, no one can… Continue Reading “Lust and Lemonade – Meet Mike!”

Lust and Lemonade – Meet Blaine!

For the first of five character interviews, please welcome Blaine! Thanks for being with us today, Blaine! Blaine: Thanks for having me. So can you tell us a little bit about yourself? What do you do for a living? Blaine: Well, I work in… Continue Reading “Lust and Lemonade – Meet Blaine!”

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