Lust and Lemonade – Meet Cordelia!

smaller coverFor the fifth (and final) character interview, we’d like to welcome…ma’am, what are you doing here? This interview is supposed to be with Chuck.

Cordelia: I know that, I thought I’d gate crash the party. Why would you just interview the young ones and not the vintage ones? Don’t you realize how fabulous I am?

I’m sorry, Cordelia. Everyone, meet Cordelia. Welcome to the blog.

Cordelia: Oh, call me Nan, everyone else does And what kind of welcome is this without a drink? Don’t I get a cocktail of some kind?

Isn’t it a little early? It’s 8:25 in the morning.

Cordelia: Well, it’s booze o’clock somewhere in the world, isn’t it? Fine, I’ll make do with this tea then. If I can’t have a cocktail, can I have a little cock instead?

Um…I don’t…um…

Cordelia: (laughing) Oh, don’t fret, I’m only teasing. Young people are so sensitive these days!

Oh, okay! Um, well can you tell readers a little bit about yourself?

Cordelia: Well, I’m an older lady with a zest for life. I like to engage with life rather than watch it pass me by.

How old are you?

Cordelia: (gives a stern look) A gentleman never asks a lady her age. Let’s just say I’m old enough to know better and do what I want anyway.

Okay then. So then who are you in relation to the group?

Cordelia: I’m Blaine’s grandmother. Isn’t he the sweetest?

He is pretty special.

Cordelia: Damn right. He’s a prince among men. But I might be a little biased. I love all the kids, Mike and Poppy and Chuck and sweet Nancy. But Blaine will forever be my boy.

That sounds lovely. You call the others your kids?

Cordelia: I do. I’ve looked after all of them in times of trouble and celebration. I’ve known them all since they were younger, Blaine would bring them by and they were the sweetest kids. I’ve watched them grow into amazing adults, so I feel they are like my children, you know?

Of course. So you must have known Blaine’s parents. Where are they? Why aren’t they part of Blaine’s life?

Cordelia: (looks flustered) Well, that’s a heavy question for so early in the morning and without a cocktail.

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.

Cordelia: You didn’t. We just don’t talk about that. They went away, they wanted nothing to do with Blaine. Such a sweet boy, my Blaine. He’s only had me his entire life. It just happens like that sometimes, you know?

I do indeed. So if you wanted to tell my readers one thing, what would it be?

Cordelia: (thinking) Don’t let life pass you by. Don’t let life dictate where you want to go. And it’s okay to take it out of your pants until you find love. There’s nothing wrong with a little rumple foreskin, as long as you’re safe and have fun.

Oh! (coughs) All right then!

Cordelia: Young people. So sensitive!


Here’s a bit about the book:

What does it take to find love in the gay community?

In a world filled with one-night stands, glory hole blowjobs and weeklong romances, what does it take to find love? This is just what our protagonist Blaine worries about. Unlike his friends, he wants to settle down.

Chuck is just looking for Mr. Right Now. A self-proclaimed jock, he is always on the lookout for a good time. But what happens when a good time becomes a very good time? Does he run away from his feelings? Or admit them to himself?

Mike and William are having problems. Marital problems. Though they don’t sleep together, they do like to sleep with others and share their stories. They had wanted a no strings attached marriage. But they did not count on actually falling in love. With each other!

Nancy is just looking for love. True and honest love. Though a little bit eccentric, he is nonetheless good to go when he catches a bartender’s eye. But is Devon what he seems? Or does a secret lurk there?

Poppy is a little distraught. A self-proclaimed man hating lipstick lesbian, she’s beginning to have doubts about her sexuality. It may have something to do with the baby in her stomach. Her lover River Moon Falls will be pissed if she finds out!

She does the only thing she can do: turns to her best friend Blaine for help. Despairing that he will ever meet Mr. Right, Blaine is surprised to find him in Justin, the father of Poppy’s unborn son….

When all of these people come together, love is sure to show up somewhere…

We hope.

You can meet Cordelia in Lust and Lemonade, available April 20th from Renaissance Press! Learn more here:

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