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Snakeskin and the Shadow Man – A Poem

Looking into the mirror, I wonder how the glass can warp itself into new and unusual shapes? Or is it my body, left to fend for itself in front of my eyes that judge, reflected back at me? I no longer know. Looking at… Continue Reading “Snakeskin and the Shadow Man – A Poem”

Within Me – A Poem

Every time I look into the mirror, I see my faults and imperfections: lazy eye, missing teeth, the belly that won’t disappear no matter how much exercise I do. Thinning hair, the scars on my body. And even though they aren’t visible, I see… Continue Reading “Within Me – A Poem”

Memsieve – A Short Story

Here’s my third Pay It Forward offering for 2015. It’s a short story for Karolina. It came about in an odd way. Facebook has a new feature that offers us “memories” of what we posted on that particular day from years ago. Pair that… Continue Reading “Memsieve – A Short Story”

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