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A Unicorn’s Magic – A Short Story

Once upon a time, in the village of Inglewood Hamlet, there was magic afoot. This was nothing new. The village was vast and there were a great many magical things that took place on a daily basis. The witches often got together to talk… Continue Reading “A Unicorn’s Magic – A Short Story”

FREE HOLIDAY NOVELLA! A Unicorn for Christmas

Hey Everyone! Just in time for the holidays, check out my new novella: A Unicorn for Christmas! Here’s a bit about the novella: Abigail Ivy hates the holidays. After a traumatic event, she vows never to enjoy the season again. Abigail doesn’t count on… Continue Reading “FREE HOLIDAY NOVELLA! A Unicorn for Christmas”

My Story – On Learning to Sparkle

I recently watched Nanette by the incredibly talented Hannah Gadsby. Since viewing the program, I’ve been moved to share my story. Nanette was comedic, yes, but it was also gut wrenchingly honest. I know this isn’t the kind of thing I typically share on… Continue Reading “My Story – On Learning to Sparkle”

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