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Mercurial Shadows – A Poem

* To my Beautiful Husband. When I think back on nine years of living with the unseen foe that lives within, I find myself going back through the memories that I   have inside of myself. I flick through them as if they are… Continue Reading “Mercurial Shadows – A Poem”

FREE HOLIDAY NOVELLA! A Unicorn for Christmas

Hey Everyone! Just in time for the holidays, check out my new novella: A Unicorn for Christmas! Here’s a bit about the novella: Abigail Ivy hates the holidays. After a traumatic event, she vows never to enjoy the season again. Abigail doesn’t count on… Continue Reading “FREE HOLIDAY NOVELLA! A Unicorn for Christmas”

The Greatest Gift – FREE Holiday Novella!

Hey Everyone! It’s that time of year again! Every year, I write a Holiday Novella and give it out for free. It’s my way of giving back to my readers, new and old. It’s also my way of putting myself in the Christmas Spirit… Continue Reading “The Greatest Gift – FREE Holiday Novella!”

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