Body Music – A Poem

I try to4b4c577e8e927eaed6c9db28a24cdbda

think of my

body as an

orchestra. The musicians

are busy warming

up and getting

ready to play

something wonderful. I

listen to the

musicians warming up

all their instruments.

The pains

and spasms in

my body are

like music. The

twinges in my

shoulders? The percussion

section banging on

cymbals. The slow

throb of pain

in my legs?

They are but

cellos playing a

soulful tune. The

intense stabs of

hot needles in

my back? Violins,

playing aggressively. The

fatigue, pulling me

into sleep? They

are but flutes

touching notes that

lull me into

slumber. The temporary

speech problems? It’s

the conductor getting

ready. The loss

of balance as

I try to

walk? It’s the

audience taking their

seats. Something good

always comes from

something bad and

my pain is

really my bodies

music, and my

body is a

symphony of sound

and colour. Every

morning, I take

a moment to

see what kind

of tune it

will play today.

I listen to

my body and

the music that

it makes, hoping

to hear something


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