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Wicked Symphony – A Poem

I’ve been here before. The trees are so familiar to me now. I trace my fingertips along the ridges in the bark that feel like fingerprints. The leaves of the tree are shades of red and faded ochre, but they have dried now, no… Continue Reading “Wicked Symphony – A Poem”

The Silent Symphony – A Poem

My body is a symphony of silence. It makes it own music, though I can’t hear it. I can only feel the silence as it makes its way through me. The fatigue that takes my energy? Those are the wind instruments. that fly through… Continue Reading “The Silent Symphony – A Poem”

Body Music – A Poem

I try to think of my body as an orchestra. The musicians are busy warming up and getting ready to play something wonderful. I listen to the musicians warming up all their instruments. The pains and spasms in my body are like music. The… Continue Reading “Body Music – A Poem”

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