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I am the Storm – A Poem

My body contains the storm. The rivers rage against the rocky barrier of my skin. Even as I try to remain upright, water wants to push me down to the ground so that it can resume its rightful path. The waters pull my body… Continue Reading “I am the Storm – A Poem”

Brighter Than The Sun – A Poem

Our love grows like a tree. It bloomed from a seed that was planted the moment I first saw you. The tree grew, watered by that love, helped it thrive. Every time you told me that you loved me, a branch grew. Each time… Continue Reading “Brighter Than The Sun – A Poem”

The You Tree – A Poem

The seed was planted when you first said my name. The seed pulsed inside the earth, yearning to grow. When we first kissed, it was the breath of life to the small seed, water rich and pure. The light from your eyes when you… Continue Reading “The You Tree – A Poem”

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