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what is possible? – a poem

as the sea threatens to take me away again, my first thought is “i didn’t ask for this.” as the waters grow deeper, i have to remember that none of this is my fault, that the disease which ravages my internal world is not… Continue Reading “what is possible? – a poem”

The Scent of Joy – A Short Story

I had been climbing for what seemed like days. The mountain had seemed small at first, but it grew continually larger with each step I took along its steep terrain. It took me days to reach the top of the mountain, but it felt… Continue Reading “The Scent of Joy – A Short Story”

Peaks and Valleys – A Poem

When I look inside of myself I am standing on top of a mountain. I can look back at every step I have taken. Each step is marked with a small white stone and they shine in the sunlight. I can see The dark… Continue Reading “Peaks and Valleys – A Poem”

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