You Are… – A Poem

This poem is for my Writing Sister Kimberlee. I hope it give you light on your Birthday. Much love to you, Wolfie WB.artworks-000149753560-i5nrjr-t500x500


You are my Sister,

there is a bond between us

that goes deeper than blood.

You are a Warrior,

never buckling under pressure,

you fight the battle of your life.

You are an Angel,

one of those rare people

that live beyond their body.

You are a Light,

filling the world around you

with stars and the sun.

You are Kindness,

making the world a better place,

just by being in it.

You are Magic,

able to create visions out of

ink and paint so real they live.

You are Love

and everything that it stands for,

you redefine what love is.

You are part of me,

and you are part of my dreams.

I only hope that they inspire you

to live yours.

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