Spirit Gifts – A Poem

* For Kate Fishertumblr_nnhdkwKaBa1tr7vyho1_500


You have removed

the veil that

sat between me

and the windows

to my soul,

letting the light

shine through, showing

me what Spirit

had to tell

me. You have

opened the doors

that stood between

me and the

knowledge I so

desperately wanted to

retain, so that

I could decipher

and decode. You

have given us

knowledge, so that

the cards have

become stepping stones

that litter the

ground, each a

shining jewel that

beckons us to

look and to

intuitively know. You

have given us

this gift and

our thanks is

not enough. My

Spirit raises a

Cup to you,

lays a Wand

at your feet,

bestows upon you

a Sword, mighty

and true. Lastly,

my Spirit hands

you a coin,

covered in the

markings of a

Pentacle upon its

surface. These are

but tokens of

my appreciation for

all that you

have given us.

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