A Whole New Look!


You may have already noticed a change around here.

I’ve got a new web site! It was created by Cait Gordon of Dynamic Canvass https://dynamiccanvas.ca/  Isn’t it gorgeous?!

So, why the new look? Well, I wanted something a bit more uplifting and a lot more happy. My old web site was rather drab and very limited. There wasn’t a lot that I could so with it. Added to that, there was no way to combine the blog as part of the web site.

I wasn’t sure what Cait would do, but the result is gorgeous. She pulled colours from my newest release, Lust and Lemonade. It also reflects the joy that I tried to infuse into the book and the joy that I wanted people to leave with when they finished the book.

Cait was wonderful to work with and she truly is a web Goddess. She turned my blog into a web site and now my little home on the web is actually somewhere I want to visit! She made the whole process so easy and has given me a site that is easy to use and to update myself, something that is intuitive to all that I do and I am so thrilled with it.

Thank you Cait and Dynamic Canvass. You are truly awesome!

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