Free E Books!

My Birthday is in August, less then two weeks away. Therefore, August is my Birthday Month!

I figured that I am probably not the only person who is celebrating their birthday in August, so why not give away some free ebooks?

Good things come in threes, so I picked three of my books to share with all of you. They will be available for free for five days, from Sunday August 13th to Thursday August 17th.

Here’s a look at the books that are available for your reading pleasure:

when-love-blooms-cover2When Love Blooms

Welcome to the village of Inglewood Hamlet.

Nestled between a large forest and sprawling mountains, Inglewood Hamlet is home to many. Some that live within the village are like us. Others that live there have powers told in myth, legend and lore.

There, magic runs free. There, you might meet a Mermaid longing for her lost love. You might happen upon a shape shifter who has never known true love. You might chance to hear a conversation between a Dryad and a Queen, or witness the reunion between a King and his Fool.

There are all kinds of love in Inglewood Hamlet. And all you have to do is let love bloom…

This is one of my favourite books. It includes stories that focuses on all kinds of love: GLBT, straight, also people dealing with love when the person you loved has passed on. You can get it here:


Three teens are defending themselves against an unseen voice. All are reliving one horrible night of their existence…

Veronique, Barbie and Justin are all asked to relive one evening of their lives where things went drastically wrong. After a car accident claims the lives of three people, and injures several more, Justin is held suspect.

He was the one driving the car.

But not all is as it seems. And there are secrets to be learned that could change everything. Each of them is carrying a secret they have not told each other. There is also one voice, that belonging to Toby, who holds the biggest secret of all.

What will the ultimate judge make of their case and will Justin be able to go free?

This is a play told in one act and I had so much fun writing it. It deals with the pressures that teens deal with, GLBT issues and peer pressure.

talking-to-the-sky-coverTalking to the Sky

Talking to the Sky is a volume of poetry like no other.

Part journey to healing, part memoir, they are moments in time caught on paper as the author learned to write again.

They are a testament to the strength of the human spirit. The poems show us that whatever life throws at us, with courage anything is possible.

Talking to the Sky is my first book of poems. They were written with heart and deal with all sorts of issues as I tried to find my voice again.

I hope you enjoy them and to everyone else having a Birthday in August, Happy Birthday!

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